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Visual Design/User Interface

This section portrays different projects I’ve designed. Tools, frames, and processes constantly evolve. Still, my goal when working on them was to ensure the visual design principles, layout, and aesthetics were in check, remove obstacles, avoid friction, facilitate interactivity, and create an environment where the user can thrive.

The Milford NYC

It was a newly redesigned hotel located on the hearth of NYC, offering customers their New York experience through its history, design, services, location, entertainment, and partnerships. The scope was to design its new website, which focused on offering its audience the best New York City experience and thrill them with endless attractions to enjoy the city. My participation started with the logo concept, sketches, wireframes, and final high-definition prototype.

Rediscover Christmas

Working for DeSales Media, the communications office of the Diocese of Brooklyn, I was in charge (aside from being the Art Director of the campaign) of designing the Christmas campaign website. The goal was to engage the audience with different activities, prayers, and a daily calendar to make the Christmas journey productive, fun, informative, and collect lead information. I coordinated with the developing team to hand over the design asset and solve various roadblocks.

Ben Hasset

He is a fashion photographer established in London and NYC. As a design intern, I created the new studio’s website, high-definition wireframes. My goal was to capture the essence of his brand, sophisticated and clean, focusing more on a simple and easy-to-use interface prioritizing their photos and look-books.ย 

Deanery 7

After a user interview session with members of different neighborhoods in Queens, NY, the main goal was to design a web hub where members from the various parishes could simultaneously have easy and complete access to a series of events, masses, and church locations in the neighborhood. My participation included creating initial low-def and high-def wireframes and a basic design system.

Catholic High School Expo

Every year, all Catholic High schools get together to promote their different programs and generate enrollment; I designed a website as part of the promotional assets for this expo. Its goal was to inform the value of Catholic education, show relevant statistics, and as a database with all the different high schools participating. I started with several mockups and sketches and designed all the infographics for the stats, but we jumped to a dev page almost immediately due to time constraints.

Letโ€™s connect!

I’d love to hear from you.

Letโ€™s connect!

I’d love to hear from you.